News Bureau

August 10, 2017

Gold mining in Greece

“At Eldorado Gold we get questions about the potential environmental impacts of the mining projects we are developing in Greece, particularly from communities near our sites.”  Mining is a highly regulated industry and we are committed to complying with national and European standards to protect the air, water, forest and communities near our operations.

Here are four key facts about what we’re doing to manage and mitigate the environmental impact of our operations in Greece, 1: Eldorado’s Skouries site will be fully reforested on mine closure, in comparison, the forestry industry in northeast Halkidiki logs approximately 190 hectares of forest every year; equivalent to 4,750 hectares over the period that the Skouries mine will be in operation.

Our closure and rehabilitation plan will see the mine decommissioned and the area fully reforested once Skouries reaches the end of its life in approximately up to 2045. 2: Water uses at Eldorado’s Halkidiki mine sites meet the highest regulatory standards. Our processing plants are designed as closed-loop systems that recycle and recirculate water, reducing the amount we use from local sources.

At Eldorado, we recognize that water is a vital resource and we are proud to adhere to the highest standards to proactively manage our water use and discharge quality. 3: Dust controls help us meet strict air quality standards! The orebody at Skouries holds high moisture content, further reducing the opportunity for dust.

Our dust and air monitoring stations take readings on a continuous basis to ensure air quality standards are met.

4: Studies and continuous monitoring show no asbestos hazard at Skouries mine. Detailed studies conducted in collaboration with academic and independent consultants, have found no asbestos hazards at our Skouries mine.  Laboratory analysis during the studies showed fibers from air samples to be non-asbestos material.