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August 11, 2017

ETF tumbles by 3% MoM

Gold-backed ETF holdings fell To 2,245.0t in July, lower MoM

At the end of July, total holdings in gold-backed ETFs and similar products stood at 2,245.0t (72.2moz), 67.7t lower than in June. These holdings were valued at US$91.5bn, 1% lower compared to the previous month.

North American funds bore the heaviest losses – holdings were 60.6t lower (-5%) at1,166.1t. European funds also declined, shedding 6.8t collectively to 970.9t. Funds in Asia gained marginally (+0.7t) to 62.5t, while gold holdings by the rest of the world dropped 1.0t to 45.3t. 

In North America, SPDR Gold Shares saw an outflow of 60.6t (-7%) to 791.9t. iShares Gold Trust saw marginal growth (+0.5t) to 210.9t. In Europe, sporadic gains by the Swiss and German funds were outweighed by the losses in UK-listed funds. iShares Physical Gold ETC (UK) saw the largest decline: holdings fell 6t to 62.3t, 9% lower MoM (Month over Month).

In Asia, the 0.7t decline in Huaan was offset by growth in the other three Chinese ETFs – leaving total Chinese holdings virtually flat m-o-m. Japan's Physical gold ETF was 0.2t higher to 12.0t, said WGC.