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January 13, 2018

Soar high like a kite theme fine jewellery

Collection inspired by Makarsankranti

We are constantly inspired by our nation- India, everywhere you look, there is inspiration. Pristine Fire reveals jewellery pieces from the upcoming kite collection, inspired by the colorful and vibrant festival of kites- Makarsankranti.

Pristine Fire’s kite shaped jewellery is an ideal choice for those who wish to adorn edgy and quirky jewellery. The dramatic shapes and the bold patterns is what this exquisite collection from Pristine Fire boasts of. There’s something exceptional about this dazzling collection.

Pristine fire brings to you a plethora of distinctive jewellery with its kite shaped collection.  We aim to bring you jewelry that is eclectic, yet classic. Today’s modern women are more focused on artistry, style, and design rather than simply diamond size. People are now starting to discover that they can have more funky jewellery.

There is something pleasingly classy about wearing fashionable pieces that have been pared down to something simple, modern, and understated. From fashionable one-of-a-kind pieces to creative designs for both traditional and modern women, this unconventional kite shaped jewelry makes a statement with style.

You can select your favorite designs of Kite shaped jewellery from company’s website and buy them instantly from the comfort of your home.