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February 12, 2018

Best jewelry for Valentine's

Consumer survey: Which jewelry is best for Valentine's

If you want to give your beloved a piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day, you should stick with a timeless design—that’s what 72 percent of British consumers consider important. More than a third even attach great importance to choosing a one-of-a-kind item. Those are the results of Messe Munich's Inhorgenta trend index 2018, which analyzed a representative sample of 1,025 consumer responses in the United Kingdom.

"Our survey showed that combining a classic design with a personal touch offers bright prospects for making your sweetheart happy on Valentine's Day,“ said Stefanie Mändlein, exhibition director of Inhorgenta Munich. An engraving or a gemstone in a favourite colour can add that individual touch to a piece of jewelry. "At the Inhorgenta Munich in February, our exhibitors will present a wide range, from classic design to individual coloured stones for the season."

Diamonds are forever: When choosing a gemstone, fashion-conscious consumers take inspiration from the colours of the season on the catwalks of New York, Paris and Milan. Still: "Valuable gemstones always bring joy to their owners, regardless of current trends and the fashion of the moment," said Mändlein.

The survey shows: 70 percent of British consumers are convinced that diamond jewelry will be as popular in the future as now. At present, 60 percent consider it important that necklaces, rings and the like are made of valuable materials such as gold or diamonds.

Emotional value: In order to increase the personal appeal of a gift, it should be given on a special day: 52 percent of British recommend that jewelry be gifted on a special occasion to raise the emotional value. Both women (55 percent) and men (50 percent) agree.

Treat yourself: When it's time to treat yourself to something special, a trip to the jeweler's can do the trick: 50 percent of consumers buy jewelry or watches as a gift to themselves-42 percent give jewelry as a gift to others.

Inhorgenta 2018 Trend Index—Watches and Jewelry.