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March 13, 2018


Dedicated to The Great Artist Kandinsky


"People rather rely on their feelings than on deliberation." With these words the Russian avant-gardist Vassily Kandinsky described the human desire for getting something beautiful, artistic or rare. For many years, the men among our watch connoisseurs have requested a real successor to the watch "Miss Avantgarde" - the best seller of the Avantgarde-line by "Alexander Shorokhoff' -in their size. Now the time has come. The new model "Kandy Avantgarde" leads the "Avantgarde¬Line" - right on time for the famous jewellery and watch fair Baselworld 2018.

The philosophy of the design by Alexander Shorokhov stayed the same: to create an extraordinary, avant-garde, fresh, modern, but likewise elegant watch for everyday use which is evoking emotions and can be worn with ease. And the most important criteria of good legibility stayed unchanged, too.

At first glance, the beholder can see that in any case the slogan of "Art on the wrist" has been completely transformed into a new design. All elements like dial, hands, case or strap have been combined with each other with a lot of care. The manifold colours and forms do not create any chaos; they are not cluttered but give the beholder the feeling that everything is on its place; on the contrary the components create a feeling of lightness and fascination. That means that the traditions of avant-garde artists as Kandinsky, Malevitch, Hundertwasser and Gaudi are masterly continued with this watch.



The flattest watch from Alexander Shorokhoff

The model "Sixtythree" with its cylindrical sapphire glass is inspired by the flat watches of the sixties. The design was very popular at the time, and till today defines the image we have from this revolutionary decade. The aim was to carry the spirit and tradition of the past into a new design and create the flattest watch from Alexander Shorokhoff.

The stainless steel case is completed by a cylindrical sapphire glass on front, which is complicated to manufacture and a sapphire glass on back. The watch is water resistance up to 5 atm. Like the models from the sixties the curved dial of the 63-models is available in dark blue, emerald green, Bordeaux red or deep black. The rose gold plated indexes 20, 40 and 60 are masterpiece of precision considering that they have to compensate the curved dial. The fine appearance is worth the effort and the curved glass makes the watch look more elegant and bigger than it actually is. This effect makes the watch popular for both men and women. The rotor of the Swiss movement 2892.AS is engraved and refined in an Alexander Shorokhoff style.




The "Alexander Shorokhoff manufacture" is celebrating its 25th anniversary with exceptional watches.

Expect the unexpected - every new watch model by "Alexander Shorokhoff' can be described in this manner. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary in 2017, the entrepreneur and designer Alexander Shorokhov created some extraordinary watch models aimed to the philosophy of the brand - "art on the wrist".

The "Avantgarde" collection is extended by the new watch model "Crossing". Alexander Shorokhov is not only showing new traits in the watch design but he is moreover completing his creation with a new watch movement - the "jumping hours" by Dubois Depraz.


The big figures 20 and 40 underline the typical "Alexander Shorokhoff" identity of this excellent watch. The dial is subdivided in two functional sectors. The upper part shows the minutes and the lower part shows the seconds. The hour indicator is jumping in the big window at 12 o'clock. The fine lines of the minute area are crossing each other in pairs and give this model a special avant-garde appearance and its name.


In 2017, the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacture has celebrated its 25th jubilee. And for this special occasion some exclusive watch models have been created. The tourbillon “Tomorrow“ is one of them.

By making this watch the designer Alexander Shorokhov remained true to his principles. The extraordinary futurist design is well suited to the shaping of his successful watch collection “Avantgarde“. And it is not purely coincidental that the name of the watch is “Tomorrow“. The exceptional futurist design of this watch has been modelled on nature. It can be interpreted in several ways being similar to a cobweb, a bat or something other. However, the plan of Alexander Shorokhov was to make a decentralized front side. The centre has been shifted with the focus now on the brand’s logo due to the celebration of “Alexander Shorokhoff’s” 25th anniversary.

The lines are neither straight nor passing proportionally, they are showing a strong individualism and intensifying their importance. The lower part of the dial is colored in a pleasant blue tone and have a sun beams polishing. Despite the multitude of elements and the displaced centre, the watch guarantees clarity with clear demarcation of the gold-plated hour marks as well as contrasting watch hand that stands out from the background of the dial.

All in all this design brings something new into the “Avantgarde“-collection completing it by another highlight. The watch movement is a hand winding tourbillon of the well-known company “Concepto” of Switzerland. The movement bridges have been hand-engraved by the manufacturer “Alexander Shorokhoff“ and returned to Switzerland for ????inal assembly. The watch “Tomorrow“ will be produced encased in 18 ct. rose gold or in stainless steel and is limited to 5 pieces of each dial version worldwide.


Unique Chrono-Regulator by “Alexander Shorokhoff”

Immediately, at first sight the new Chrono- Regulator-Skeleton fascinates with its innovations in design and engineering. The aim of the designer and producer Alexander Shorokhov was to prove that even in a “skeleton” version, a Chrono-Regulator can be functional and of great readability. The Chrono-Regulator presents a rare execution of a mechanical chronograph – this fact can serve as first argument for making it collectible for every watch enthusiast. The displays for hour, minute and second are placed at three separate locations: The minute display is located at 6 o’clock and the second display is located at 9 o’clock. In addition to this there is also the timer feature with two hands:

The large second hand from centre and the small minute hand counting the minutes at 3 o’clock. Due to the blued hands and the clear division of time, time is easy to read. Another feature is the rhodium-plated and skeletonised date indicator dial. In order to see the date clearly in one position, a special bridge with a small window was developed and applied at 6 o’clock. On the plate below this window is a circular area that was covered in a thin layer of dark blue enamel to increase visibility. Such a date indication is unique and only made by the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacturer – this can be counted for the second argument in favour of the “world rarity”.


Elegant and of enduring beauty in “Alexander Shorokhoff“-style

Beside the unusual „Kandy”-watches with guilloched dials, the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacturer has produced two elegant models of this watch line in classic style. Actually, it is contradictory to interpret a watch in a square case as a classic and timeless beauty. It is exactly this idea behind the model and many other watches of the “Avantgarde”-collection by “Alexander Shorokhoff“: to interpret things in a new way, to create controversially, to provoke. If this model turned out well, is in the eye of the beholder. Fact is that it does not break the ranks of the Avantgarde-line, but rather completes it with new attributes. Consequently, Alexander Shorokhov has once more proves that he is able to connect the contrasts of classical and modern art into one harmonious ensemble.