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March 13, 2018

Jewellery Watch : BIGLI


Clouds of colour, touches of beauty, portions of happiness?

Whatever we call them, the delightful jewellery collection by the Belgian brand Bigli is a treat for the senses. An even larger range of colours and incredible effects: the smooth and gentle, round or triangular cabochons of the Mini Sweeties offer you a palette of 49 shades. All 100% natural, 100 % mineral. The rings, earrings and pendants are produced with the greatest care in 18-carat gold with the best quality diamonds and precious stones.

49 Colours

Laurence Aerens and Thierry Spitaels have always dreamed of being able to offer every woman her ‘own’ piece. An individual talisman which is entirely unique due to the interplay of materials. In order to extend the range of colours for the mini sweeties, Bigli uses an age-old technique favoured by Italian gem workers layering. Precious stones are carefully placed in layers on top of each other, in order to create completely new fascinating colours. Subtle or very intense, velvety or with a lot of depth.

Variety is the spice of life

Two shapes and two sizes, or even three for the rings, the collection is getting bigger and bigger. Just replace one colour in a trio of rings and itimmediately looks completely different. They combine perfectly with designs featuring a pavé setting or with arabesque motifs.


Nicki is a tribute to the mother of Bigli’s designer Laurence. A tribute to a woman whose style and attitude are a continuing source of inspiration. A woman who naturally radiates special power and beauty. A pure and strong presence. That is also how you could describe the jewels of this new collection. Pure 18 karat gold combined with colour gem combinations of Onyx, Agate or Lapis.  Beautiful, pure and vibrant shapes. This is the look and spirit of the glamorous 70ies coming back to life.


Belgian jewellery brand BIGLI is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the business. This autumn Thierry and Laurence (the founders of the brand) are launching their new pavé line, the Mini WAVES. The new collection is a sequel of BIGLI’s WAVES from 2007. The Mini WAVES have the same undulating shape which intensifies the reflection of the diamonds. They are smaller and therefore perfectly suitable to combine on one finger, but of course they are also splendid as a single piece of jewellery!

Four formats, four variations. The rings are available in white, yellow and pink gold combined with white, brown or black diamonds, either or not finished with black rhodium. The Mini WAVES are also available in four sizes. Finding the right combination thus becomes a fine challenge.


Belgian jewellery brand BIGLI launches a new line: CHLOÉ. The power of women

Laurence Aerens, the woman behind Belgian jewellery brand BIGLI, got her inspiration for the new CHLOÉ collection from the atmosphere of the seventies, the years of her own youth.She named the collection after her youngest daughter because with Chloé she wants to tell a story about mothers and daughters. The round, explosive and irregular shapes are a reference to the unpredictable and unexpected nature of life itself. CHLOÉ is a wonderful tribute to the female spirit, to resilience and generosity.

The CHLOÉ rings are available in three variations:

A combination of stones in sparkling white: the rutilized Quartz Moonshine,

A combination of stones in mysterious black: the Rutile in the Dark

A combination of stones in sparkling green: the Green Lemon.

The unexpected colours are the result of an ingenious superposition of different gems, including

rutilized quartz, pearl, onyx and agate. Due to the volume and the curved lines, a sample of sublime craftsmanship of BIGLI’s grinders, the CHLOÉ rings are real statement rings. The double golden curve of the ring ensures a contemporary and innovative design.