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March 13, 2018

Vincent Calabrese, Baselworld 2018: Pegasus


"A dream turned into reality is another dream.”

The “Pegasus” is a technical tour de force for it requires the craftsman watchmaker to display the highest mastery of his art in order to actualize this unique movement. As for the engraver, he must immerse himself in the fine details while conceiving of others and yet avoid the risk of overwhelming the work as a whole.

Gold and sapphire are the only possible materials for such a creation, producing as they do a splendid, dazzling play of light. And yet the profound nature of this creation reveals more than a mere virtuoso display—for it seeks to explore what is most precious in us: our dreams. What better companion than Pegasus in our journey of dreams?

He took flight at the very beginning of mythology, and yet he enjoys the richest iconography in every era: the personification of water, the solar myth, the shaman’s mount, his link with the human imagination was emphasized by the school of Carl Jung. In our own days, he is omnipresent in virtual games, the cinema and literature. Pegasus is an eternal myth, which is why he could not now be more real, more tangible.

Vincent will be present at the AHCI’s stand located in Hall 2, Stand C15.

One of Vincent Calabrese’s most notable achievements was the founding of the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI) in 1985. Vincent is known throughout the world for his extraordinary creations. For example, in 1988, he was the first to produce a wristwatch with a flying tourbillon. He also created the Golden Bridge for Corum, as well as the Tourbillon and the one minute Carrousel for Blancpain.

He is recognized by his peers as one of the greatest of living watchmakers.