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April 13, 2019

Three special cuts by Golden dew, S Korea

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), the umbrella organization of the Antwerp diamond industry, participated in the Belgian State Visit to South Korea. During the State Visit, and in honor of their

30th anniversary, Golden dew, one of Korea’s largest jewelry brands, launched three special cuts it developed together with Antwerp diamond companies.

In recent years, Korea’s diamond market has developed to the point that the country is of increasing interest as a market for Antwerp diamond traders. The relationship between the two countries has also intensified recently, including a City of Antwerp trade mission in 2016, a three-day visit by Korean jewelers to the Antwerp diamond industry in 2017 and now the State Visit, in which the Antwerp diamond industry participated.

During the State Visit, three special diamond cuts were presented to the general public in the presence of the Belgian royal couple. Golden dew developed these cuts together with three Antwerp diamond companies: IGC Group, S. Muller & Sons Diamonds and Mikisa Gems. These three cuts were selected as the most original designs from a competition that the AWDC and Golden dew organized for Antwerp diamond companies.

As Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification, HRD Antwerp has been chosen to certify and deliver the corresponding grading reports for the “Golden dew cut” and “EightStar cut” diamonds.

The “Golden dew cut” developed by IGC Group, in collaboration with Golden dew, is a unique cut with a teardrop shape (the ‘dew shape’). S. Muller & Sons introduced to the Korean market the EightStar cut, which gives a diamond more fire and brilliance than is found in a traditional brilliant cut.  Mikisa Gems created the UltraBrights cut, which uses a special technique to improve the light optimization and brilliance of very small stones.

Golden dew will distribute these three Antwerp special cuts exclusively throughout Korea, in more than 100 shops the company runs across the country.