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June 12, 2019

Back again Ear Cuffs and Studs!

If we go back to the history of fashion we find that the ear cuffs were worn by women since ancient times. Ear cuffs and studs have been popular among different cultures around the world in the past and were also seen as an art form on the ear. Since then, the design of jewellery on the ear has changed a lot. Narayan Jewellers has once again brought back ear cuffs to fashion.

This full ear cuff is a statement piece that looks very fashion forward and gives an extravagant and edgy look. In contrast to wearing ear cuffs on both the ears, Narayan Jewellers has also introduced a different concept of combining ear cuff with a stud to create a modern yet contemporary look.

This modern look can be used for the red carpet and for an occasion like that of a wedding. Such pieces can be easily styled with any casual, trendy outfits depending on the occasion. Producer Tonya Lewis was seen wearing this pair of Ear Cuff and Studs at the Oscars’19 Red Carpet!