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October 09, 2019

Mubri organises 4th AGM

From September 30th to October 2nd took place the Fourth World Meeting of the International Mubri - Mujeres Brillantes Association, whose main mission is to help women ( and most recently some men) to advance and develop in the jeweller sector through education, mentorship and networking. The chosen city was Cuenca, Ecuador, better known as World Heritage according to UNESCO.

The idea of bringing the Meeting to Latin America was to celebrate the progress made by the group since its creation in 2016 in Panama City. Since its creation the Meeting has already been held in Italy during the VicenzaOro Fair and in the last year in Madrid during the Madrid Joya Fair.

In Ecuador, the Meeting proved to be more mature and professional with important debates to be discussed during two days of deep immersion on jewellery issues.

“I feel a clear evolution in every year though every Meeting, with intelligent discussions of what should and can be done, in addition to a much better understanding that challenges will always exist but it is up to us bringing the solutions and news ideas constantly"  said Ali Pastorini, International President and founder of Mubri - Mujeres Brillantes.

Besides the debates and visit to Gemology and Jewelry Schools, it happened a Jewelry Contest divided into three categories and the exhibition of the pieces of all members took place at the Museum of Pumapungo, one of the most important in the Americas. The exhibition of 48 pieces will be available to the general visitor at the Museum until Nov 2nd 2019.

Jewellery designers and Brands from countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Italy, Spain, Panama, Peru, Venezuela had the opportunity to exhibit their talent to the public, this is one the reasons that Mubri exist, which give visibility to designers and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world to exhibit their pieces in places that they never imagined that they could.

The winners of the Jewelry Contest were: Lisi Fracchia - CIDAP Award, Isabel López - Rompiendo Fronteras Exhibition Award, Mellany Montes - Lima Design Week Award.

“What Mubri does for the industry is so powerful and beautiful that deserve all our support, because at end of the day everybody wins with the success of Mubri, it doesn’t matter if you are diamond dealer, if you are in the retail business or if you are factory or even an Organization", said Mr Rafael Bello, one of the Ambassador of Mubri in Latin America.

The Association has more than 900 members, 10 chapters and more than 15 countries with representatives, as well as several Jewelry Schools, Institutes and Private Companies as partners. They are also on social media.