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November 08, 2019

GSI President and Co-Founder Debbie Azar Interviewed by Bold TV

The digital streaming channel had Azar as a guest to discuss millennials and diamonds

Debbie Azar, President and Co-Founder of Gemological Science International (GSI), was interviewed by streaming news channel Bold TV on Friday, October 10. During her segment, she commented on diamond spending trends amongst millennials and what consumers should look for when buying diamonds.

Azar spoke with hosts Julie Sun and David Grasso about how millennials are buying diamonds. In fact, the makeup 40 per cent of all diamond sales, and added that many are women “self-purchasers

On lab-grown diamonds, Azar explained that while they have the same physical, chemical and optical properties – there are noteworthy differences.

“There are some key differences, such as the price and the value,” Azar stated when asked about natural and lab-grown diamonds. “It’s important to also note that natural diamonds have historically maintained their value, which is why they are passed down from generation to generation and why you can sell them on the secondary market,” she added noting that the long-term value of lab-grown diamonds is still unknown.

She concluded that both options may be the right one for consumers based on their buying needs and as long as they are educated between the two, and receive a grading report from a reputable gemological lab like GSI to know exactly what they are getting.


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