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November 14, 2019

De Beers Cycle 9 up over previous!

De Beers Group announced the value of rough diamond sales (Global Sightholder Sales and Auctions) for the ninth sales cycle of 2019 that valued at US $ 390 mn.

Bruce Cleaver, the CEO, De Beers Group, said: “With signs of increasing polished price stability, Cycle 9 saw an improvement in sentiment from rough diamond buyers. Global consumer demand for diamond jewellery at the retail level continues to be broadly stable but, with midstream trading conditions still in the process of rebalancing, we offered Sightholders further flexibility during the Sight to provide support.”


Cycle 9 2019 (provisional)[1]

Cycle 8 2019


Cycle 9 2018 (actual)

Sales value[3]($m)




[1] Cycle 9 2019 provisional sales value represents sales as at 12 November 2019.

[2] Cycle 8 2019 actual sales value is restated following the earlier publication of a provisional figure for the eighth sales cycle of 2019.

[3] Sales values are quoted on a consolidated accounting basis. Auctions sales included in a given cycle are the sum of all sales between the end of the preceding cycle and the end of the noted cycle.


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