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December 02, 2019

Hot rubies a cold price!

According to the Gem Trend Updates, Heat treatment for rubies has been around for many generations. The ability to relatively easy to improve the ruby appearance, in terms of colour and clarity, enabled fulfilling the market needs. Consequently, it was always considered a legit treatment. Prices of the heated gems were not far from their unheated companions of the same quality, maybe 20-30% cheaper.

However, in the last 3 decades, something changed. The price of unheated ruby climbed to new levels and has become more than double that of heated rubies. Moreover, our records show that this tendency is even intensifying in the past 3 years further, clearly it distinguishing between the two gem conditions.

And not only that but many customers, especially the wealthy ones, cannot accept heated ruby gems anymore, even if the gem is amazingly beautiful. Absurdly as it sounds, they would prefer to buy a smaller unheated gem totalling the same price.

The current trend is that there are many heated rubies, but very few unheated ones. And this fuels the demand for the rarer. For Example, an impressive 5-carat unheated Burmese ruby is offered today (in total) for more than double that of a 10 carat heated Burmese.

If the current trend will continue to intensify, the heat enhancement for rubies may become a less legit procedure! We shall continue monitoring it and update you. In short, remember - Hot rubies have a cold price!


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