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February 15, 2020

Celebrities Choose to be #GreaterTogether

While Rajkummar Rao wrote a heartfelt letter to Patralekha thanking her for being #GreaterTogether, Richa Chadha also penned down a beautiful letter for Ali Fazal to commemorate their rare love

There are various expressions for love. But do phrases like “falling for you”, “blinded by love”, “head over heels”, “madly in love” hold true today? Are they relevant? Is that what we want love to feel like in a modern world that aspires for equality, empowerment & respect for individuality?

PDOL’s campaign #GreaterTogether aims to question & redefine expressions & gestures of love in tune with what is aspirational & meaningful today. Love that doesn’t reject individuality but values individual uniqueness as strength essential for building a greater tomorrow together.

While most people opt to celebrate this day with clichéd, over the top expressions & actions, this Valentine’s Day, two Bollywood stars took to Instagram expressed love for their partners through handwritten letters, inspiring one and all. Really bringing attention back to the thought of what it takes to be a couple who nurtures each other & builds a greater future together in modern times.

Being inspired by power couples & what really sets them apart Rajkummar Rao and Richa Chadha redefined the meaning of love by talking about love that aspires for equality and empowerment and respect for individuality.

They celebrated their relationships with their partners Patralekha and Ali Fazal by expressing heartfelt gratitude in their beautifully written open letters for sharing this kind of love which enables them to be #GreaterTogether!

Their letters articulated how in today’s times, love cannot depend on grand romantic gestures & over the top proclamations but instead should focus on more meaningful and fulfilling expressions or gestures of love.

Rajkummar Rao started off his Valentine's Day wish for Patralekhaa saying, “It’s the month of love and I've been thinking. Pondering, in fact, about love and the words and gestures we choose to express it. Despite having done my fair share of conventional romantic roles - today I find myself questioning many of love's "accepted" expressions, gestures, the way it's meant to make you feel versus how it somehow actually turns out.

Now you may say, really - but love makes the world go round. Well, yes it does". Click to Rajkummar Rao Instagram link.

Rajkummar Rao:

Richa on the other hand said,” We often hear the expression ‘falling in love’. And that strikes me as ironic. Love doesn’t make you fall. It empowers you instead. It makes you greater than you’ve ever been before. And the fact that you have accomplished this together actually makes you greater together”.

Richa Chadha:

#GreaterTogether defines a love that is built on respect for individual uniqueness & what each one brings to the table. When two people who are individual achievers in their own fields, come together – they become an even more formidable force! This new identity stands for a greater ‘US’ than they each do individually. This Valentine’s Day, reimagine love by opting for more meaningful and fulfilling expressions of love and choose to be #GreaterTogether with your special someone! Click over to Richa’s Instagram link!


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