News Bureau

March 23, 2020

Peru takes pro-active measures

Dynacor Gold Mines Inc provides an update and said, the Peruvian government recently declared a state of emergency due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, coronavirus.  As of March 16, 2020, the Peruvian authorities are restricting non-essential transportation and travel within the country in addition to declaring a 15-day quarantine whereby all citizens are to stay and work from home if possible.

The restriction includes a halt to all interprovincial transportation, as well as passenger domestic and international flights. All Medical facilities, pharmacies, food markets, gas stations, and banks will be exempt from the temporary quarantine and will remain open during this time.

In full compliance with the Peruvian government’s 15-day quarantine order, the Corporation has closed its Veta Dorada offices throughout the country. During this period, the Corporation will halt all ore-purchases and production as per the government’s state of emergency measures and declaration. Upon the government lifting the state of emergency restrictions, Dynacor will immediately resume its ore-purchasing and processing operation.

Jean Martineau, president, and chief executive officer of Dynacor, commented: “The health and safety of our entire staff are first and foremost. Dynacor employs a full team of the medical staff at the Veta Dorada plant in Chala and, at this time, confirms there are no COVID-19 related cases. The Peruvian government’s pro-active measures to contain the novel COVID-19, coronavirus is in full accordance with our Corporation’s actions and measures to protect and maintain the health and safety of our staff at all times.”