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March 24, 2020

DGCX continues to operate as normal

The DGCX Group has robust and frequently tested business continuity procedures in place designed to deal with a wide variety of potential developments to ensure service resiliency, availability, and stability across trading and clearing platforms. These procedures cover unforeseen events, crisis, or out-of-the-ordinary operating environments, and can be adapted as the circumstances dictate.

In response to COVID-19, and in accordance with UAE Federal government and WHO guidelines, the DGCX Group has invoked these procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of both its employees and visitors to the DGCX Group. As a result, the DGCX Group has implemented travel and meeting restrictions, split-team and split-site working for employees.

However, the DGCX Group’s market continues to operate normally across both the exchange and clearinghouse, providing secure and reliable price discovery and risk management services to Members and their clients. While the market has experienced high levels of activity the DGCX Group remains committed to providing these services as usual. It is not expected but any change to the normal operation of either the market or the clearing functions will be communicated to the market by way of Notice.

The safety and well-being of employees is the highest priority of the DGCX Group, as is the commitment and responsibility to continue to operate the exchange and clearinghouse.


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