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May 23, 2020

Time to take advantage of digital presence

Ali Pastorini, Co-owner Del Lima Jewelry brand and President of Mubri - Mujeres Brillantes International Association expressed amid lockdown. Being a Market Consultant with expertise in the Latin America region she said about resumption and change in the business landscape.

In the context of doing business & resumption in post-COVID-19, Ali said, I have no doubt, things are already changing. It is no longer a discussion about whether it will change, but how we will adapt to this new reality. I, personally, with my jewelry brand have already changed some attitudes and behavior to adopt this new reality in the most effective way, both from the B2B and B2C point of view.

Being a market expert she also focused upon buyer’s attitude & buying habits. Ali Pastorini said the way we are communicating and consequently selling has to be more dynamic and global. That consumer who had a certain resistance to buying online or even one who had resistance to have Instagram or Facebook account, now realized that this is part of life and is something practical and easy, so I do not believe that once this consumer tried this new experience, he/she will want to go back to what it was before.

Does this mean that the consumer will stop going to the jewelry store or diamond office? No, he/she will still continue to make the final decision whether or not to buy jewelry once he/she sees it in person and touches the piece. But it is undeniable that your virtual relationship with the consumer as well as your virtual presentation will have an important role in the decision of whether or not to go to your store/office.

As I have said to the diamond companies that I provide market consulting, you need to unite the physical with the virtual. Isolating each other will be a boycott with its own brand. When you bring both sides together, your company will have a much wider reach globally, in addition to getting new consumers who until then were unaware of your brand existence or were developing a relationship with your competitor.

Understand, from now on, the first contact that your consumer will have with you will be the virtual one.

Business in the post Covid19 era and significance of digital presence clearly Ali Pastorini said, It will no longer be a matter of relying upon or not, it will be a matter of understanding this new reality, adapting and taking advantage of a digital and online presence.

Let me give you an example of how quarantine is being good for me as a consultant and also with my brand. As a consultant, I am reaching out to companies from different regions around the world that I would certainly not be able to reach them, as it would be humanly impossible for me to travel to all these places, but with this digital era, I reach more people and consequently better results because I have a much more time to organize the agenda, without time-zone obstacles, travel, etc.

I use every minute in my favor. Of course, there are things that are better and more effective to accomplish personally. It is not possible to make everything virtual, but it is possible to take advantage, even economically, of this new reality.

As a jewelry brand, the relationship with the consumer became closer. Before, because our brand is already present in some countries, it was impossible to know each client and have this more personal relationship with them. Today, thanks to technology, we are able to communicate and give more details of the brand so that our customers can better understand our history and have identification. And we cannot forget, our sector has a lot to do with a build and maintain relationships with customers.

Why did I give these two personal examples? To prove that people already trust and use virtual tools to reunite, make meetings, get informed, follow who they like, and consume.

Looking at international gem-n-jewelry trade in the Post Covid19 era she said, It will be challenging times; I think 2020 and 2021 will be more to recover economically. I think that due to this challenge, trade and industry will have to seek collaboration with each other.

That said, the collaboration will have to be done immediately, one country or region making an alliance with the other. Companies and Jewelry Fairs will have to, even if temporarily, unite and take actions together to attract visitors.

You do not need to make business collaboration with your major competitor, but you will have to collaborate with companies that have synergy with yours. You will not be able to get out of this crisis alone, and I assure you regardless of the size of your company.

Look for alliances with companies outside the jewelry and gem sector as well. It is the opportune time to think outside the box because all companies need help and new possibilities, so it will be easier to negotiate and try new ideas, that maybe before Covid19 nobody was paying attention to you, and now because everyone needs a solution and are not able to do it alone, it will be easier to convince about new projects and ideas.

It is important to say that we are going through difficult times and that there will be situations that will seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but our industry is strong. I have always spoken in interviews over the years, that we have a fear and stubbornness about not renewing ourselves, now we will be forced to do it, so I think that good ideas and collaborations will come with this.

I believe there will be a revolution in our industry, and we must be prepared, united, and optimistic about the future challenges.


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