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June 27, 2020

Lulo recovery of 45 diamonds encourages!

Lucapa Diamond Company and its Project Lulo provide a further progress update on the search for the hard-rock sources of the high-value alluvial diamonds being mined at the Lulo project in Angola.

As set out earlier, the Canguige catchment area has become the focus of the Lulo kimberlite exploration program following the recovery of 45 diamonds of up to 3.75 carats from a stream sample taken from the Canguige tributary.

Excavation of the ~2,000-tonne bulk sample has commenced at the first selected site, following which the VK material will be transported to the Lulo processing plant. Kimberlite bulk sampling excavation activities underway at the first selected L071 sample site and excavated volcaniclastic kimberlite. Globally, only a small percentage of kimberlites are known to be diamondiferous and it is therefore not expected that every kimberlite to be bulk sampled will be diamondiferous.

However, as a result of the low grade and high-value diamonds being recovered in the greater Cacuilo valley, more particularly the Canguige tributary sample and adjacent alluvial Mining Block 46, recovery expectations from any potential source kimberlite should be for similar low grade and high-value diamonds. A total of 16 priority kimberlites are earmarked for bulk sampling.

Delineation drilling, bulk-sampling, and additional stream or tributary sampling in the catchment areas hosting the 11 other priority targets will be conducted throughout 2020 and into 2021. Location of the 16 most prospective kimberlites in the Lulo Project area selected for bulk sampling plus two additional drilling targets.

The drill rig has already relocated to the nearby L072 kimberlite where delineation drilling has commenced and VK material has been intersected in the first hole drilled. Fresh volcaniclastic kimberlite material in drill core from L072 Lucapa will provide further updates on the search for the Lulo alluvial diamond sources, as the program progresses.


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