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August 01, 2020

Ellendale unearths fancy yellow diamonds

Gibb River Diamonds announced its’ Quarterly Report for the period ending 30 June 2020 and its’ performance of Ellendale Diamond Project (GIB 100%) said,

1: First published an assessment of historic Ellendale 9 pipe diamond production reports 11.5% of diamonds are ‘Fancy Yellow’. Typically diamond mines produce less than 0.1% Fancy Yellow diamonds.

2: Of the Ellendale 9 Fancy Yellow diamonds, 62% are classified as ‘vivid’ or ‘Intense’, the strongest graded yellow colours,

3: WA Government lifts travel restrictions to the Kimberley Region of WA, which includes the Ellendale Diamond Project.

4: Field Trip to Ellendale in August 2020 to identify and ground truth targets for bulk sampling and trial mining.

5: Purchase of valuable Ellendale Diamond Project data

Ellendale diamonds such a unique and highly sought-after product. Data in this report is from the Ellendale 9 pipe (E9) as this pipe produced the highest percentage of Fancy Yellow diamonds and was the most extensively mined. During production, E9 was one of the highest dollars per carat mines in the world.


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