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August 01, 2020

Cartier High Jewelry collection

More natural than nature itself: The New High Jewelry Collection! It is nature that sets the tone of [Sur] naturel, the new Cartier High Jewelry collection. It paves the way to beauty more real than nature itself, rooted in reality, and transformed into the realm of the supernatural.

Diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires mix with opal and kunzite, coral and aquamarine, beryl and quartz.

Water, flora, and fauna breathe life into an ultra-precious universe that exists at the boundaries of fantasy and reality.

Prickly Flowers, Cartier's botanical repertoire stands out for its choice of flowers. Cacti, orchids, edelweiss, and thistles: Cartier selects them for their uniqueness without reference or model. They are free. They cannot be compared, they are just as they have chosen to be.

They captivate with the freedom of materials they combine, the uniqueness of their texture, and their natural movement.


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