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September 21, 2020

All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC) has introduced GJS Virtual – The Game Changer.

GJS Virtual is a virtual networking platform for the Gems and Jewellery industry that can accommodate every player of this industry, including machinery and allied. This platform will allow sellers to showcase their exclusive collections through pictures and enable one-on-one video meetings with top sellers without any time limitations, amongst its many other features. Also, it will allow the buyers to witness the seller’s products with full sharpness and clarity, in a studio setup, especially designed for the discerning high expectations of the jewellers.

In a quest to define the uniqueness of the platform, Mr. Anantha Padmanaban, Chairman, GJC, said:

Every aspect of this platform is unique and futuristic. However, few features that truly make GJS Virtual a game changer are its availability round the year, with 6 unique exhibitions of 6 days each, i.e., 36 days of exhibition in a year.

The buyer and the seller can have one-on-one video meetings with no time restrictions.

Our studio facility allows life-like clarity viewing of the exhibitor’s products, simply like across the table.

The AI technology used on the platform takes networking to an all new level as it suggests names to the buyers and sellers, depending upon their preferences. GJS Virtual not just makes it safe, less time consuming and cost-effective for the retailers but also streamlines the entire buying process and makes it easier to plan and makes it profitable for business.

With no special requirements to join the platform, all an exhibitor needs is an office space from where they can showcase their products and a good broadband connection so that the buyers can see their collection in HD quality.

Pouring insight into the response from Retailers, Mr. Saiyam Mehra, COA Member, GJC and Co-Convener, GJS, said:

GJS Virtual is seeing a massive response from the retailers across the country owing to no geographical restrictions. The retailers can view the exhibitor offerings from the safe environment of the offices. The availability of a virtual platform not just makes it safe but makes it equally cost-effective with no travelling involved. We are excited with the surge in numbers with each passing day and are eagerly waiting to witness the change that the industry will go through soon.

GJS Virtual is available on the web along with a specially designed phone app. A yearly launch platform that will allow the manufacturers to launch new products and collections without having to wait for a physical show. The 6 unique exhibitions for 6 days each will witness exclusive workshops and webinars on industry issues throughout the days of the exhibitions. The GJS virtual is defined as the "The Game Changer" for all these reasons and more.

With an easy and simple registration process, GJS Virtual brings a safe, less time consuming and cost-effective buying solution to the retailers. With no travelling involved, buyers can involve their full team to make the buying process seamless. The Artificial Intelligence led matchmaking process enables increased networking and provides ample opportunities to find new suppliers.

The Visitor Registration process has begun for GJS Virtual. To Register, log on to

Join in to witness the changing face and the future of jewellery trade in India.


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