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January 12, 2021

GJSCI to initiate AI Pilot project in January!

At the IIJS Virtual 2.0, day 3, that witnessed a step ahead Interactive Knowledge Session as the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Gem & Jewellery (GJ) Industry on the January 10, 2020. That was an advanced & innovative session consists of Sanjay Kothari, Chairman-GJSCI India, Dr Anand Deshpande, founder & CMD-Persistent System, Asim Tewari, Chair Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering. The session remained moderated by Rajeev Garg, ED & CEO-GJSCI.

Conversation commenced by explaining Artificial Intelligence (AI). The introduction of AI said, it has been arrived 16 years ago. As of today it is possible to create a big data to do more with the machine. Today, the computer is doing more than human on the back of big data. AI is all about to beat human intelligence!

By unveiling contextual Sanjay Kothari referred India Jewellery Excellence Symposium (IJES) that was held during January 8th & 9th, 2020 in Mumbai.  In the IJES, there were a two sessions which was related to AI, 1: in the context of production & 2: in the context of designing. Both of the Session remained presented Dr Anand Deshpande.

Sanjay Kothari said, in those presentations it was explained how this AI can be useful to GJ (Gem-n-Jewellery) industry. On the back the presentation, ‘we initiated to check the feasibility of AI if we can implement in the GJ Industry. Sanjay Kothari said, with the suggestion of Kunal Shah, we met Dr Deshpande at the office of the World Gold Council (WGC), Mumbai with officials of WGC, GJEPC, Forevermark India and leading retailers of India.” The conclusion of that meeting was to initiate a Pilot Project to check the feasibility of AI use in the GJ Industry.

In this Interactive Knowledge Session, Sanjay Kothari breaks the news that, after studying the feasibility report it was concluded to initiate a Pilot Project by GJSCI & IT savvy. Further, if needed, we can extend our ambit with the cooperation with IITs, IBM, Google, Microsoft & other leading players to ensure effective Pilot Project.

According to the plan, there will be four players that include 1: Uni Design, 2: Diatrends, 3: Jewelex & 4: Walking Tree to run a trial Pilot Project. “Yet, it is open for every jewellery player if they wish to join this trial pilot project” specified Sanjaybhai. Every player is free to contact us & join this GJSCI-AI pilot project.

The pilot project will start in the January 2021, probably from January 20. Overall, this is the 3 to 5 year programme and that will also include retail jewellers of India in later stage. This is the vision 2030 to ensure use of AI in GJ industry India.

On the back of AI we can create more-n-more jobs, rough diamond cutting & polishing will be improved with automation. Today, in general casting jewellery manufacturing requires 3 to 4 runs while with the use of AI this casting jewellery can be manufactured in a single step. Additionally, gold metal loss can be stopped. With this initiative our GJ industry will be the first industry among the rest industry to use AI in India. Right now on global platform DeBeers is using a specific AI. 


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