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January 13, 2021

Stay ready to witness the era of functional jewellery!

According to Dr Anand Deshpande, founder & CMD-Persistent System & Asim Tewari, Chair Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, China & US is the global leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, it is understood that China is number 1 & at the position of 2 is US. 3: UK, 4: South Korea, 5: Germany 6: Japan & India stood at the 7th place in the globe in the context of AI. The top two players are exercising much of the deep machine learning!

AI has shifted Machine learning & logarithm and now AI has become Omnipresent! For gem-n-jewellery (GJ) industry AI is useful at five headings. 1: Design, 2: managing gold quality, 3: understanding buyer attitude, 4: enhancing jewellery product & 5: help market expansion. Developing these five areas can be a big leap for GJ industry and Industry can perform at many areas in a time with proper coordination!

AI can introduce a futuristic design & jewellery product, imagination can be realised even for a complex curve-n-crafts and this also includes3D design & printing. With the AI can introduce virtual reality- where no need to try physically those designs-n-jewel to ensure suitable, by virtual trial buyer can find out a suitable jewellery piece! Trusted and responsibly dealing can be ensured through Blockchain!

The use of AI in GJ industry will decentralised everything! Internet of thing (IoT) use will grow and new range of whole jewellery can be in fashion is electronics embedded jewellery! In the use of AI era GJ industry will manufacture functional jewellery! Diamond polishing and jewellery assembling can be done with AI yet, a handmade jewellery segment would remain out of the ambit of AI.

Functional jewellery will be wearable jewellery with electronics as well as that would be jewellery with medical care-n-caution…and more areas will open with the use of AI in GJ industry. AI is not an automation or robotics; it is of industrial revolution 3.0 while AI is industrial revolution 4.0.

Collecting, operating and analysing big data in GJ industry will bring IT technology effectively. This big data IT use will expand market horizon and open up more functional areas in the business will require more people in the Industry. IT players will learn about jewellery and related sector, while jewellery fraternity will acquire more IT knowledge! Overall expanded horizon will bring more business & more profit in the GJ industry. [This is based on, the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Gem & Jewellery (GJ) Industry]


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