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February 22, 2021

Bulgari Rosso Caravaggio Necklace

A unique piece from the Barocko high jewelry line, centering an antique cushion-cut ruby weighing 10.02 carats, set with numerous round diamonds, accented by calibré-cut rubies. It is has a cushion-cut ruby weighing 10.02 carats of Mozambique origin, 474 calibré-cut rubies weighing a total of approximately 73.89 carats, 9 round diamonds ranging from 2.04 to 1.00 carat, E - F color.

Additionally it has 10 round diamonds weighing a total of approximately 3.57 carats, approximately D - F color, VVS clarity & remaining round diamonds weighing a total of approximately 19.85 carats, approximately D - F color, Internally Flawless - VVS clarity.

Caravaggio’s dramatic use of light, his radically contrasted colours, the exaggerated realism and expressiveness of his characters brought a real pictorial revolution. His unique approach challenged the aesthetic codes of the time. The trailblazing painter played enormously with the light-dark contrast, creating depth without resorting to the artifices of linear perspective, a very innovative technique called chiaroscuro.

Another of Caravaggio’s artistic signatures is the distinctive use of the colour red, employed to express power and intensity, to capture attention or to confer a symbolic meaning. Since the dawn of humanity, red has been the colour of love and emotions; it is life and action, adrenaline, fire, force and victory.

Built around the exceptional nature of a rare ruby, the Rosso Caravaggio necklace succeeds in conferring a cutting-edge flair to a jewel meant to be timeless. Magnificent diamonds and a show-stopping design serve as the frame of a rare cushion ruby from Mozambique (10.29-carat) boasting a medium strong saturation.

Sparkling in the rarest crimson red and gifted with the ability to capture fragments of light and reflect them through a deep and passionate colour, the wondrous ruby is a one-off treasure in nature. With its versatile design, two detachable necklaces, offering multiple styling options, compose the convertible jewel.

Unquestionably one of the most complex pieces of the Baroque collection is the incredible high jewelry piece is a compendium of all the technical prowess of the Maison: the proportion of volumes, the balance between different elements and materials, the assembly of single pieces to create a supple and comfortable object, the setting of stones and pavé to convey the perfect luminosity and shine.

The layering of materials to create a rich and powerful texture in such a complexity, the transformable requirement is the ultimate virtuosity, bringing the artisan to the apex of ingenuity to create hidden mechanisms that blend into the general composition with a natural feel and aesthetic perfection.

Dramatic tension and great theatricality are the inventions of the Baroque art of Caravaggio. The same we can find in this vibrant necklace. The chiaroscuro contrasts, full of baroque impetus, are re-proposed through the alternation of rubies and diamonds to give vitality to the Rosso Caravaggio: magnificent diamonds and a show-stopping design serve as the frame of a rare Mozambique 10.29-carat cushion ruby.

Hidden mechanisms allow for detaching the collier in 2 separate necklaces. Colors, power, and artisanal virtuosity: this incredible high jewelry piece is a compendium of all the technical prowess of the Maison, achieved in over 1,500 hours of passionate artisanal work. Price Available Upon Request.


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