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April 07, 2021

IGI Labs Win ISO Certificate for Grading Lab Growns

The IGI labs have become the first in the world to be accredited by the ISO for the reliability of their lab-grown grading.

The New York-based International Gemological Institute already had certification for its work with mined diamonds.

The ISO - International Organization for Standardization - has now tested its efficiency and accuracy in grading lab growns and awarded it the ISO/IEC 17025 certification.

IGI, which has 18 labs worldwide, says it certifies the vast majority of lab-grown diamonds in the United States, India and China and has been a pioneer in the field since 2005.

"IGI previously earned an ISO certification for natural diamonds and now achieving the same accreditation for lab-grown diamonds speaks volumes about the work the Institute does," said managing director Tehmasp Printer. Courtesy- idex.


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