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May 09, 2021

Ashok Gajera and his Hospitals' great initiative to fight critical time of Covid-19

As our country battles, the second wave of Covid-19, and our healthcare systems are facing extreme challenges, it breaks our heart to see our people are suffering. At this critical time of the alarming Covid-19 surge, a great initiative has been taken with concern for Amreli hospital where a large number of patients are suffering from Covid-19.

Due to the lack of ventilator and oxygen, it is very commendable that our community came forward in this difficult condition to help Amreli hospital with the total contribution of 73Lakhs. It is a great help during such difficult times and when we all need to stand together. We cannot express our gratitude for them in words. The above generous fund contributions by Mr & Mrs. Haresh Jogani, Los Angeles- Rs.15 Lakhs, Mr Nikunj Parekh, Laxmi Diamond NY - Rs.10 Lakhs, Shirishbhai Jhaveri- Rs. 5 Lakhs, Mr. Ajesh Mehta, D. Navindchandra Export- Rs. 5 Lakhs, Vijaybhai Morakhiya, Vijay Diam- 8 Lakhs (Rs. 2 Lakhs for oxygen & 6 Lakhs for three ventilators), Nimeshbhai Mehta(Tony), Diasqua India Pvt Ltd.- Rs. 13 Lakhs, Shaileshbhai Jayantilal Jogani & Hansaben Shailesh Jogani, H.S. Jogani & Sons Pvt Ltd.- Rs. 4 Lakhs & Ashokkumar Haribhai Gajera, Laxmi Diamond Pvt Ltd, Mumbai- Rs.13 Lakhs to our Shantaa Baa General Hospital, Amreli were given for arranging ventilators, oxygen cylinders and other important equipment to help patients who are suffering from Covid-19.

Ashokbhai Haribhai Gajera takes the opportunity to appreciate their generous contributions to fight against the coronavirus. Grateful to everyone who has donated so far. Thank you for your contribution.


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