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June 09, 2021

MB&F Welcomes Exciting New Additions To The LM101 Collection

MB&F is a brand that is mainly known for its “Horological Machines” that like to explore and preferably push back the boundaries of watchmaking. Among them, the LM101 holds a special place, as it might be the most common-looking watch in MB&F its collection. The reason for this is the conventional round case, as well as the modest diameter of 40mm.

Nevertheless, was the watch quickly embraced by MB&F enthusiasts and collectors and became another triumph for the company. Now MB&F is launching three new editions of the LM101 to continue its success story.

As suits, the LM101 can the difference with previous models be found in details. The most important, and exciting one, is that the flying balance wheel is now fitted with the double hairspring of H.Moser & Cie. Visually, this makes all the difference, all the more because the mainspring moves at the relaxed rate of 2.5Hz.

This allows you to examine the details of the balance wheel in comfort but also works wonders in slowing down the pace at which you perceive time. The dial also has a slightly cleaner layout as MB&F took away the writing on the dial and made the bezel smaller. This makes the watch look larger and allowed them to increase the size of subdials indicating the time and the power reserve.

The finishing of the movement, the first caliber MB&F made in-house, has also undergone subtle changes. It features a dark “NAC” finish, underscoring the understated character of the watch. However, MB&F wouldn’t be MB&F if they didn’t play with color. The new LM101 is available in three different versions: a white gold case with a vibrant purple dial, a red gold one with a dark blue dial, and last but most certainly not least, a light blue dial captured in a stainless steel case. Courtesy- hautetime.


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