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September 11, 2021

Why should I enroll in a gemology graduate course?

The jewellery industry is booming today, with people worldwide paying a lot of money to own the most fashionable pieces of jewellery they can find in the market. As such, working in this industry is safe in terms of future as well as financial security. 

In order to become a professional gemologist, you require formal training in it. A practical, thorough knowledge of coloured gemstones and precious stones is needed in order to enter the field of gemology and thrive in it.

Our gemology courses aim to equip you with an in-depth knowledge of gemology, irrespective of whether you are a fresher or already in the jewellery industry. In the Gemology Graduate course we cover: practical identification, grading, sorting, and factors influencing the valuation of our prodigious collection of precious, semi-precious, organics, and rare gemstones, including the use of sophisticated gemological instruments and techniques without equipment. 

The gemology course is specially devised by a group of experts to provide a perfect blend between theoretical concepts and how to approach real-life problems in a practical manner. All in all, the course has the potential to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life if you have even the slightest interest in the art of gems. 

In case you want to learn gemology online, worry not, for we offer our course both on-campus and online as well.

Even if you want to explore gemology as a hobby, learn about gemstones, expand your jewellery business or enhance your skills to boost your career, becoming a Gemology Graduate is worth it! With practical training, the course will provide you with an experience similar to an on-the-job learning, which helps you make decisions confidently when you launch your own business or work as a gemologist. 


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