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November 25, 2021

JK’s evolution; Learnathon’s conception: The future of gems and jewelry education

With a burning desire to educate students and equip them to enter the gems and jewelry industry, Mr. Kirit Ajmera founded JK Diamonds Institute. The globally accredited institution has a legacy of 32 years in providing practical training to thousands of students from over 35 countries. Their motto is to offer valuable education to combat competition in the real world. To do so, the institution evolved over the years, grabbing every opportunity to provide an excellent environment for study. They decided to bridge the gap between conventional learning and the operating space, or as we may call it, “conditions of employment,” by bringing in mentors who have decades of experience in the gems & jewelry industry. They are professionals from the sector, proficient with theoretical knowledge and in-depth practical market experience.

JK Diamonds Institute provides certified vocational courses for students passionate about building a career in this sector. The management upholds a futuristic vision. They realized the need for a revolutionary educational approach. Upon intense deliberations, Learnathon was born! In 2018, JK Diamonds Institute expanded its venture to an online E-learning platform called Learnathon. The powerful platform has been used to transfer knowledge and skills to students all across the globe.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill. Students had no means of gaining quality education, and they felt practically helpless. That’s when JK’s Diamonds futuristic idea served as a delight! Learnathon, in association with JK Diamonds Institute, had the most successful year by training hundreds of students all over India and more than ten countries worldwide solely during the lockdown. Practical gems and jewelry education over the internet? The product is robust and includes features such as learning with individual assistance, updates and notifications, networking forums, etc.

JK Diamonds Institute promotes entrepreneurship & professionalism by helping students launch their startup in jewelry, start a jewelry freelance business, or secure a rewarding job in the best jewelry houses. Their core alumni base gets strengthened as fresh batches of students grow and step out into the industry with confidence. Networking is an essential aspect of journeying into the gems and jewelry industry. Students of JK Diamonds are given the opportunity to connect with the right people from the industry.

Learning can never come to a standstill. And Learnathon will continue to be a guide to students even after they are professionals. The evolution continues as JK Diamonds Institute broadens its focus from the gems and jewelry sector into the mesmerizing world of 3D printing. Lots more in store… stay tuned!


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