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January 26, 2022

BDB Celebrates 73 Republic Day Celebrated with a breeze

On a cheerful morning, with a breeze, Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) celebrates the 73rd Republic day that oozes national pride & glory in Dr P Anbalagan, IAS, CEO-MIDC Mumbai, as a Chief Guest, in the presence of guests and BDB Members. 

President Anoop Mehta and Vice President Mehul Shah hosted the event with a breezy cheer in the presence of Ashok Gajera, Jasvant Parikh, Arun Shah, Sabyasachi Ray (ED GJEPC), Kiran Gandhi, Anup Zaveri, Paresh Mehta, Mahesh Vaghani, Kirit Bhansali, Prakash Hekad, Ajesh Mehta and Mansukh Kothari.

The full schedule followed right from welcoming guests-n-invitees, Flag Hoisting, March Past, Patriotic Songs, Un-armed Combat & Power Show, Fire Safety Rescue Operation Drill with a vote of thanks.

Anoop Mehta presented a welcome speech and unveiled the significance of the 73 Republic Day with confidence to attain the export target for the year in mind! Chief Guest with a floral bouquet & said this unfurling of the national signifies that India is an independent nation. 

The diamond industry & trade in India has a lot of perpetual memories in the context of their patriotism since the pre-independence struggle and till today! Lot of memories that show the humble contribution to the nation and society!

On occasion, Dr P Anbalagan, IAS, CEO-MIDC, said to cooperate with the gem-n-jewellery industry & trade. He expressed that the India Jewellery Park Mumbai (IJPM) will be operational soon. Recently the MIDC has inked MoU for IJPM.

India Jewellery Park Mumbai will be the first-of-its-kind integrated gem and jewellery industrial park with manufacturing units, commercial areas, residences for industrial workers, and commercial support services. It will provide adequate support to Jewellery manufacturers/traders interested in expanding in the state of Maharashtra to initiate new business or strengthen their existing ventures.

Bharat Diamond Bourse’s fire team, security team, and the housekeeping team performed a grand parade in front of the Dais. This gave a feeling of safety and security to BDB premises. Thus disciplined march created a great feeling that BDB premises are a safe and secure place for those business tycoons who do luxury and sensitive business! 

This time the Diamond group came to the BDB by cycling to celebrate Republic Day.

Guests learned the disciplined and tidy parade passed on by the BDB s Departments of Security, Fire Safety, and Housekeeping, followed by March Past, Patriotic Song, unarmed Combat, Power Show, Fire safety, Rescue operation, Drill Commendation. 

Vice President Mehul Shah expressed his gratitude to all those invitees & guests and members for participating the73rd Republic day celebration with a cheer! They informed the audience that a Diamond Group team will go to Surat via Cycle to promote cycling and yoga.

The official trade media of Diamond Industry Heera Zhaveraat did live to stream the entire event. Which was participated by more than 1500 traders from all over the country and abroad.


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