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June 22, 2022

HK Group celebrated the 8th IDY

Hari Krishna (HK) Group celebrated the International Day of Yoga (IDY) on 21st of June, 2022. Stemmed from the company’s belief of prioritizing employee health and well-being, the event was an amazing experience for all those in attendance including leading members and well-wishers from the diamond industry.

Organized for the HK employees and their family and friends at Jio Garden in Mumbai and HK Hub in Surat, the air was filled with high spirits and energy. Over 3300 people took part in the event making the celebration full of vim and vigor.

Ritualistically, the yoga exercises began with pranayam which was followed by many asanas meant to heal the body and mind.

HK Group is known for championing social causes that reap actual results. Every year, the company hosts Yoga Shivirs in Surat for a month for their employees to participate in.

The theme for this year’s International Day of Yoga was “Yoga for Humanity” which fits the current situation where everyone across the world is recuperating from the negative effects of the pandemic. The last few years have caused significant distress in the lives of many and this event was an attempt to support people in their journey towards holistic wellness.

‘’Celebrating the International Day of Yoga spreads awareness about practicing yoga in our daily lives for a healthy living. It was great to see our employees supporting this event by participating enthusiastically and performing yoga asanas to welcome more peace and harmony in their lives. I believe our physical immune system should be so strong that it can recover and overcome any physical challenge faced in our lives.” said the promoters of the event.

The yoga event was an example of how we can join forces and help each other out in challenging times. Motivate one another to take care of our health and happiness and create a ripple effect.


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