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August 04, 2022

99.99% Pure Gold Fractional Set offered

99.99% Pure Gold Fractional set, offered by Royal Canada Mint! It is the symbol that inspires pride for all things Canadian, and in this pure gold fractional set, Canada’s beloved maple leaf makes a vivid impression thanks to multifaceted engraving.

All four coins, are impeccably crafted in 99.99% pure gold. Each coin features a reverse proof finish that puts the focus on the engraving, and with good reason—the various geometric shapes that form the maple leaf reflect light in unexpected ways, resulting in a dazzling multifaceted portrait.

Our only pure gold fractional set launching in 2022 is a multifaceted maple celebration with Special features,

1: A multi-coin, multifaceted celebration. Every coin in this fractional set is crafted in 99.99% pure gold, and for the first time, all four sizes of 1 oz. (30 mm), ¼ oz. (20 mm), 1/10 oz. (16 mm) and 1/20 oz. (14.1 mm), feature multifaceted engraving on the reverse. An RCM first!

2: Impeccably detailed. Already a challenging design element, the multifaceted portrait of the maple leaf seems more complex as the coins decrease in size. 2: A rarity. This is our only gold fractional set launching in 2022, and it features a lower mintage (450) than the 2022 pure gold fractional set. The engraved art and the precious metal content make this set a must-see and a must-have for any gold collector!

3: Includes serialized certificate. The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins. &

4: No GST/HST (if applicable),

5: Packaging of  coins are individually encapsulated and presented side-by-side in a wooden case crafted from hard maple and shaped like a maple leaf. Inside the case, your coins are safely nestled in a black velvet insert, while the serialized certificate is held in place on the underside of the lid.


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