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August 06, 2022

Strategic Partnership between Plasmability and HRA

Plasmability LLC, a premier lab-grown diamond producer based in Austin, Texas, announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the HRA Group to cut, polish and distribute its lab-grown diamonds exclusively through HRA.

The basis for this alliance is rooted in the companies’ shared passion for being market leaders in product development and manufacturing excellence. In this collaboration, Plasmability will grow premium lab-grown rough diamonds and HRA will exclusively cut, polish and distribute Plasmability’s diamonds into the market. 

CEO and co-founder Bob Basnett, announcing this new partnership, said, “We are thrilled to have partnered with HRA to manufacture and distribute our diamonds. Their manufacturing and market expertise adds a tremendous amount of value to our business.”  He continued: “After years of work, it is extremely gratifying for our entire team to have our product distributed into the diamond and jewelry market. The feedback we have gotten has been remarkable and we are excited for this new chapter.”

Itay Ariel, Executive Director of HRA said, “after years of watching the lab-grown diamond industry emerge, we have been very careful and thoughtful of how and if we will enter this market.  When we met Plasmability’s incredible team and learned about their technology and vision, we knew we found the right partners. The response we received from industry veterans on the product has been exceptional.  We are very excited about this partnership and bringing Plasmability’s diamonds to the market.”

Plasmability is now regularly growing certified 2-5 carat polished diamonds with D-F color and VVS clarity with development plans to increase sizes in the near future. All Plasmability diamonds are produced in Austin, Texas, as grown and without post growth HPHT treatment and will be distributed with a GIA certificate with super high end makes in both round and fancy shapes. Plasmability’s unique proprietary process leaves no graining and no growth lines giving it a signature look. This makes the diamonds suitable for true luxury goods, beyond the typical lab-grown offerings.

Speaking on the quality of the product which has been popular on his website, diamond expert Brian Gavin recently remarked, “Plasmability’s lab grown product is unlike any other product I have seen.  The sizes, clarity and characteristics are unique to their growing technology and make the product unrivalled in our industry. It’s the only product I have found that is suitable for my exacting standards”   


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