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October 06, 2022

Canada’s Largest Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Discovered At Ekati

Canadian miner Arctic Canadian Diamond Company announced the recovery of an octahedron diamond weighing in at 71.26 carats. The stone was recovered on 25th August from the Ekati Mine Misery Pipe, in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Industry experts have confirmed it is likely the largest fancy vivid yellow gemstone discovered in Canada.

Rory Moore, President and CEO of Arctic Canadian, said, “This historic fancy vivid yellow gemstone continues to showcase Canada as a major player on the world stage for diamond mining. Canadian diamonds are some of the most sought-after globally because of responsible mining practices and environmental stewardship. This stone is a testament to Ekati’s ability to deliver value now and into the future.”

Ekati is Canada’s first diamond mine and is known for supplying premium rough diamond assortments to the global market for more than 24 years. The Misery Pipe in specific, has supplied many of the world’s precious yellow diamonds.


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