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March 29, 2023

Museum worthy timepieces ever crafted!

A divine glow for an eternal timepiece. During a three-and-a-half year treasure hunt across the globe, Jacob & Co. has almost dried up the market for exceptionally large and high quality yellow diamonds to complete Billionaire Timeless Treasure. The first-ever colored Billionaire demanded absolute color uniformity, perfect quality consistence and the brightest of lights.

880 carats of rough yellow diamonds have become 216.89 after thousands of hours of cutting to the demanding Asscher cut. These 425 gems are laid out individually as a mosaic of small dimensions and yet, unprecedented scale. Their Fancy Yellow and Fancy Intense Yellow color is enhanced by the unique green glow of tsavorites. The Billionaire skeleton tourbillon movement is adorned with another 57 yellow baguette-cut diamonds.

The picture is complete. It is museum worthy, as is its price tag. Billionaire Timeless Treasure becomes one of the most expensive timepieces ever crafted. Each one of these 20 million USD is backed up by impeccable quality, skill and the unyielding will that comes from being “Inspired by the impossible”.

Billionaire Timeless Treasure is an unprecedented achievement in the history of high jewelry watchmaking. Never before has there been a timepiece so lavishly set, with so many high quality and large yellow diamonds. Never before has the gathering of such gemstones been as long, patient and resolute in its quest for quality and color consistence.

Never before have said stones been cut at such a high level of complexity as the Asscher cut in such large quantities for a single piece. Three and a half years in the making, this Billionaire timepiece of 425 Asscher-cut, Fancy Yellow and Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds is an undertaking of Olympus-like proportions, and a divine result.

“We've browsed the entire world for three and a half years in search of an unprecedented number of perfect gems, says CEO Benjamin Arabov. We've gathered them here, in our Geneva headquarters, where each one was scrutinized at rough stage, at cut stage, before and after setting.

The incredible work done by our gem setters happened entirely here, in Geneva. We've combined our expertise in high jewelry with our skills in high watchmaking and used our drive to achieve what has never been done before. So we've created a unique piece that outshines every other high jewelry timepiece in opulence, exclusivity and diamond quality.”

The immaculate appearance and design of the Billionaires also lies in the special setting technique Jacob & Co. has been using, its signature way to attach the gems onto an underlying gold lattice: the very rare and demanding invisible setting.

As of February 2023, a total of 21 Billionaire timepieces had been crafted and all of them sold either directly to their owners or to the most high-end watch retailers on the planet, with the exception of one. And then Billionaire Timeless Treasure was introduced, setting a new bar for Jacob & Co., although one the brand will undoubtedly strive to exceed.


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