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June 13, 2018

The cup of tea- the bespoke jewellery

Kashi jewellery specializes in crafting attractive, one-off pieces for its patrons. The creations, interposed with glittering gems and jewels, draw their inspiration from varied themes. Kashi also creates exclusive pieces that are never replicated, both independently and upon client request.

This exclusive double fingered ring has a cup-saucer on one side and a kettle on the other side. The cup of tea was featured in the Rolls Royce Yearbook and showcased in London. It was much appreciated by the Lords, Duchess and aristocratic society of London.

India is one of the largest producers and consumers of tea in the world. This beautifully hand crafted ring inspired by tea collection in India has a magical combination of Diamonds, Ruby and Blue Sapphires. It was picked by up an aristocratic couple.

According to Kashi Jewellers Technical Details, it has a Gross Wt : 13.54 gms, Net wt : 12.84 gms. Dia Wt : 1.91 ct, & C.S. Wt : 1.61 ct. Kashi Jewellers established in 1955, Kashi Jewellers is located in the heart of Kanpur, the business capital of Uttar Pradesh. It has 63 years of experience in the jewellery, retail, export and manufacturing industries.

Under the aegis of Mr Shreyansh Kapoor, the privately-owned family business has made its presence felt both nationally and globally. It was one of the first Indian jewellers to begin exporting internationally back in 1979. It currently has retail clients in India, South Africa, the UK, US and UAE.