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October 10, 2018

Trade Delegation plays a key role

Atul Jogani of ITDCA leads Thai delegation in the BDW dome!

Trade delegation is crucial

Atul Jogani with 20 players at 2nd BDW

Essential part of business is trade delegation

Right with inaugural of the 2nd edition of Bharat Diamond Week (BDW) the Thai delegation showed their presence in the dome. Atul Jogani of Living Stone Diamond co Ltd, who has led several gem-n-jewellery delegations for Thailand to India is now, attends the 2nd edition of BDW. He is fascinated with the BDW objectives & endeavour to promote-n-support MSMEs.

Under the banner of Indian-Thai Diamond and Colorstone Association (ITDCA) that has about 170 members, the delegation is arrived. Atul Jogani has always remain a kingpin between a smooth running of relations be that between trade-n-commerce and nation to nation trade relations!

In the delegation MSMEs & SMEs players are, Kailash C Gupta-K C Gems House Co Ltd, Sanjay Nawalka-Baan anyamanee Co Ltd, Hardip Wadhwana-Rena Diam Co Ltd, Mafat Prajapati-Sangaar Diam Co Ltd, Mahendra Goyal-Om Gems Co Ltd, Ashok Jhaveri-Thai Gem house Co LTd, Kairav Shah-Raj Diam Co Ltd, Lalit Shah-Bhuwal Diamonds Co Ltd, Rajeev Kapadia-Natasha Creations Co Ltd, Keyur Shah-Sukiru Exports Co Ltd, Nilesh Jogani-Chaitali Gems Co Ltd, Viral  Shah-Ruchit Gems Co Ltd, Saket Daga-Allied Corporation Co Ltd, Chirag Shah-Mit's creation co Ltd, Ramesh Mehta-Belga Diam Co Ltd, Biren Parikh-Khush Gems Co Ltd, Manish Bagaria-Sera Gems Co Ltd & Shreyans Jhaveri-Thai gem and Diamonds Co Ltd.

Being players of Thailand, they know their demand better & have clear picture about their impending season. At the juncture Atul Jogani said, “right now there is a good business sentiment in Thailand. We hope good season ahead.” Every player of the delegation has done their home work & is looking for precise shape, size & colour with adequate quantity. They are sure to source right product mix.

This ITDCA has accommodated many new-n-young players in the delegation and they are ready to look a little different product mix rather than a routine! De facto, trade delegation knows the trade & can envision both of the end, supply & demand, at a time and therefore they reflects a good business by playing key role! (Exclusively inked & edited by Nayan Jani, veteran gem-n-jewellery media player.)