Arnav Mehta

Mr. Arnav Mehta, Director Blue Star, is a part of the diamonds industry by birth as he inherits the diamond business from his family. Mr. Arnav Mehta studied the St Mary’s ICSE, Mumbai (1999-ICSE board ranked 1 in School, top 10 in India) and went for higher studies Antwerp International School (IB) 2001 with an intention to explore a new diamond center. He persued management studies at the University College London (Dean’s List, ranked 1 in Degree-Computing and Business Management) in 2004. 

On completion on his academics he joined Surat diamond manufacturing training and absorbed the most comprehensive knowledge on the technical aspects of diamonds. He advanced on the diamond know-how through his experience, post managing the Surat factory and Mumbai sales. He heads the Mumbai operations of Blue star and was primarily responsible for starting up the company’s factory in Surat in 2007. He also led the operations at Gaborone & Botswana to get a license and a DTC sight in 2012. Blue Star currently has offices in Mumbai, Surat, Antwerp, Gaborone, Hong Kong, Melbourne & New York.

A few of Arnav Mehta’s credentials in diamond training include HRD Polish Grading (1999), De BeersRough Training Program 2002, Factory Training, Surat – Planning, Management(2004 – 2005) & Sales Training, Mumbai (2005)