Martin Rapaport

Martin Rapaport is the chairman and founder of the Rapaport Group and is a primary advocate for free, fair, transparent, efficient, competitive and ethical Diamond markets. His diamond price list and online trading network have reshaped the global diamond industry. Rapaport played an important role creating the Kimberley Process and is now establishing source monitoring and certification programs that can ensure the legitimacy of the diamond supply chain.

Established in 1976, the Rapaport Group provides information, trading and certification services to the international diamond and jewelry industry. The Rapaport Report is the primary source of diamond price and market information. RapNet is the world’s first and largest electronic trading network with daily diamond listings of 975,000 diamonds valued at $6.3 billion and over 12,000 members in 80 countries.

Rapaport Trading is the world’s leading recycler of diamonds providing international auction/tender services with monthly sales of over 45,000 carats. The Group is actively developing markets for investment diamonds through its new RapX online diamond exchange providing pricing transparency, liquidity, and efficiency in international clearing house services. The Rapaport Group employs 180 people with offices in New York, Vegas Antwerp, Ramat Gan, Mumbai, Surat, Dubai, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Rapaport hosts a number of annual conferences in Las Vegas, Mumbai and Hong Kong. He is especially proud of the annual “Fair Trade Jewelry Conference’’ held in Las Vegas every year.