K. T. Ramchandran

Mr. K. T. Ramchandran is FGA Executive Secretary & Chief Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of India (GII), Mumbai. Established in April 1971, the institute is registered as a non-profit Public Charitable Trust and a project of The Gem &Jewellery Export Promotion Council GJEPC).

Since GII is an institute that has been formed by the traders, its emphasis are always in the application of gemology in the various branches of the Gem industry. May it be a family business or sales people behind the counters or diamond cutters and lapidaries, geologists, diamond dealers, hobbyists. The education imparted emphasizes on the day-to-day practical implementation of the knowledge of gemstones.

The Gemological Institute of India provides independent and expert facilities for identification and certification of colored gemstones and its origin, treatments on Gemstones, identification of Synthetic and treated Diamonds and grading of diamonds and diamond studded jewellery to a wide clientele in the domestic and international markets, which includes dealers, jewellers, auction houses and custom departments, and connoisseurs looking for good quality gemstones, diamonds.