Kirtilal Kalidas Doshi

Mr. Kirtilal Kalidas Doshi was born on October 12, 1922 in Palanpur, and graduated with Honours in Commerce from Mumbai University. He discontinued his higher studies in Economics and Law from 1942 - 47 to participate in the Independence Struggle.

Mr. Doshi is one of the pioneers of the diamond and coloured gemstone trade in India, and laid the foundation for Shrenuj & Co, which is among the leading manufacturuer-exporters of diamonds and jewellery from India. Mr. Doshi was among the first Indians to travel across the world in an effort to expand the trade and was one of the pioneers in cutting and polishing gemstones within the country. His company was also the first to introduce modern high tech laser technology to the diamond cutting industry.

Mr. Doshi has also been closely associated with a number of public service charity trusts and educational institutions. He has been the Chairman of The Gem &Jewellery Export Promotion Council, Chairman of the Trust Board of the Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya, a 90 year old educational institution, and the President of the Gemological Institute of India.

In 1992, he was presented with an Eminent Personalities Award by the International Colored Gemstone Association.