Srinivasan Krishnan

Mr. Srinivasan Krishnan (K. Srinivasan) is the Managing Director of Emerald Jewel Industry India, Ltd., Coimbatore with an annual turnover of Rs 2, 500 crores and the largest manufacturer of jewellery in the SAARC region. He has also recently won the National Jewellery Award 2011, the Gem of the Year Award, and the Best Gold Jewellery Manufacturer in India, Award.

He started out as a salesman at a jewellery store in Coimbatore, at a monthly salary of Rs. 100 in 1984.Today, the Emerald brand offers a staggering 1.5 lakh designs; and Srinivasan has offices in Dubai (from where he services West Asia, Africa and the UK) and Singapore (for Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and some parts of Australia).