Trade Directory : Part I

It is a comprehensive Directory of about 1000 pages which contains over 25,000 Data of Gem & Jewellery Industry It has been truly proved to be an encyclopedia of the industry. It was published in 2001 and due to very huge demand by the industry additional 20000 copy is reprint.

In 2001, Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat State Mr. Narendra Modi has unveiled GJ Trade Directory part 1 known as Heera Granth, in the presence of  many political and industry celebrity viz. state minister for heavy industry Mr. Vallabhbhai kathiriya, State energy minister Smt. Jayavaniben Mehta, MLAs Mr. Raj Purohit & Atul Shah, Mr. Sanjay Kothari president GJEPC, Shri Ketan Parikh, Mr. Jashwant Parikh, Mr. Pravinshankar Pandya, Mr. Mukesh Babulal Shah and Mr. Aanand Pandit esq.