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As of today global trade-n-commerce is passing through Trade Wars under the political influence of ‘Protectionism!’ Along with the scenario, global diamond industry is passing additionally through sourcing a natural polished diamonds through reliable players! And, in the scenario, Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) is about to organise, Bharat Diamond Week (BDW) –the mega buying event! And this would be a mega buying season during the April 23 to 25, 2018.

No doubt, while one is entering BDB & buying any piece of polished diamond, by default-what we use in computer language, that should be a natural diamond only! This is the key confidence amid buyer-n-seller at the BDW! Because long back, BDB had shown a zero tolerance for laboratory made stones & undisclosed mixing of any such stones with natural diamonds!

It is also known that BDB is very active player in the Natural Diamond Monitoring Committee (NDMC) initiative undertaken by Indian diamond industry to keep a keen watch over global pipeline of laboratory made stones!NDMC has a mandate ‘to prevent the illegal mixing of synthetic stones with natural diamonds; which job the committee is doing very successfully!’

Not only this but also the BDB have passed the resolution: ‘only ‘Natural Diamonds’ will be traded in the premises of Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB).’ Along with the resolution BDB also deployed the latest in technology as a shared resource for anyone doing business inside BDB confines to get the added assurance that comes with it.

Because of  the venue is BDB, India, it is likely to see over 200 player’s showcases at the BDW and about 10K players are likely to visit the week to celebrate a mega buying season! I am saying the buying season because the week would be celebrated on regular basis! If I cite Mehul Shah, Vice President-BDB said: “We see the size of the interest, and it is clear that this is going to be an event that will need to be held on a regular basis. There is a very clear demand both from exhibitors and from visitors.”

We are agreed upon India is an undisputed diamond leader in the globe! Some times India manufactures about 94% of polished diamonds of the total polished diamonds of the globe. As of today India has a proven strength & capacity to offer a wider range of polished diamonds in all those shapes, size & colours!

In the row I would cite Anoop Mehta, President-BDB, “The need for such a Diamond Week in India is clear. As the world's major manufacturing centre and the heart of global diamond trading, there is no better place for buyers to come to view an incredible range of polished stones.”

Anoop Mehta also said, “The industry is facing various challenges and we are delighted to be able to organize an event that we believe will lead to great connections.” De facto this is one of the key objects of the week! Authentic sourcing & to connect with right player to source a right mix! And the week would connect the global players directly with BDB members!

Knowing personally & connecting directly brings buying confidence & if it is India- the global leader, one can extend & widen up their product mix because of surety to bag!

Now, right from April 08, BDW’s promotional play had gone on with a cricket tournament that would play-n-play untill the April 15 with the participation of 12 teams! And in the meantime the organiser would focus on synthetic diamond detection equipment.

The week would display equipment that detects man-made diamond. BDW has endeavoured to offer such synthetic diamond detection equipment at competitive price tag for related services! BDB is well prepared to organise an exclusive seminars & to arrange meetings on the laboratory made stones & related issues!

According to the BDB sources, ‘The synthetic diamond detection equipment & related events are going to bring a great deal of added value for attendees, with the latest updates on this important issue!’

Bottom Line:

Though the week would be a mega buying season, BDB is focusing much on connectivity, personal meetings & understanding each part be that a buyer or a seller! Through networking BDB wishes to share market intelligence about price & up to demand trend!