From The Desk of Rajesh Bajaj

A Breeze in Business!

Right at the juncture of third edition of the Bharat Diamond Week (BDW), we at HZ sense a breezy tail wind for all are that exhibitor or a patron buyer!

Right now India is well set to celebrate Diwali, the great buying season yet auspicious days, their New Year and additionally extended lucrative wedding season untill March 2020. This is the season of buying with festivity! Further China is setting up buying to celebrate their New Year on January 25, 2020. It is a great day to celebrate & to earn sparkling memory!

This would be the last occasion at Bharat Diamond Week to manage their inventory ahead of Holiday Season for US & Europe! According to the latest NRF study result, the Holiday Season in US is to remain vibrant and it is likely growing over four percent YoY.

All these global sparkling sentiments are blowing a breeze in the business at Bharat Diamond Week. Adds an excitement of sourcing & to explore a multiple business opportunities from the dome of Bharat Diamond Week!

Bharat Diamond Week is showcasing the entire spectrum of diamond or say, a wider range is being showcased in the arena of Bharat Diamond Week in all shapes, sizes and colors!

Prudently the week is being organised by the leading global bourse- BDB, as a polished diamond sales event amid positive business sentiment with well defined objective. If I cite Anoop Mehta, President-BDB, “We have the Vision of inviting buyers from all over the World to BDB and the Mission of boosting B2B business through this effort”. It is being seen Now!

Further I say the largest global diamond manufacturing center- BDB is ready to cater patron’s product mix at competitive tag! This is the time to set up a network & “…to be aware of the vast range of polished goods that can be sourced from both the exhibitors of the BDW and our more than 3,000 members companies at the Bourse” Mehul Shah, Vice-President-BDB.

Let every player feel a Breeze in Business at BDW!