From The Desk of Rajesh Bajaj

Onus on industry!

Gem-n-Jewellery (GJ) Industry & trade in India is age old! India was using gem-n-jewellery when world was not knowing much about! For a long period India remained the prime source of gem-n-jewellery! What we referring our history of gem-n-jewellery is of 5K years is based on western theory & ink!

Because, Rig Veda, the ancient most literature of the planet earth has a references of gem-n-jewellery yet its’ accepted date from western view is not older than 5K years! While period of Lord Ram is beyond 7K years and Indian researchers and thinkers like Lokmanya Tilak believes that the period of Rig Ved is too old & of 40K years when the globe almost was in a Palaeolithic Age. I am not peeping history; I just re-counting our glory that we lost! Let time prove more about India glory!

Yet, now in the world of hard core materials and in the GJ industry & trade today, India has a strategic position! This is right time for India to position as a global GJ Hub, Global Designing Hub and global leader for gem-n-jewellery education too! Onus is on GJ Industry & trade!

Yes, I am focussing GJ Education in India! Because, I learn the support of government of Maharashtra to set up an exclusive university for gem-n-jewellery! I also believe that the government of the day at Union is also supporting if GJ industry & trade is attempting to set up any such university for GJ industry & trade!

Even in the past, GJEPC had started their thinking process especially when Sanjay Kothari & later Praveenshankar Pandya was the Chairman. Even after an age old legacy, India is lagging any such masters or specialists or PhDs like higher degree in GJ education!

No doubt, Indian Diamond Institute (IDI) is doing well yet, Top study in diamond is being offering for 1: professional diamond manufacture & 2: professional diamond grader yet a Diploma. Well IDI offers a Graduate Jewellery Professional is something good where Eligibility is Graduate or Equivalent yet a study completes in about 36 weeks!

While IIGJ is offering well that is, 3 year graduate program in jewellery design & manufacturing techniques where eligibility is H Sc/ Equivalent and after three years may equivalent to graduate. But the accreditation is being offered by Mewar University-Rajasthan. Further, 1 year post graduate diploma in jewellery management is also good that is for Graduate in any discipline/ Equivalent.

On the other hand Jewellery Design & Manufacture is being offering at, Jasani Department of Jewellery Design & Manufacture with SNDT Women’s University that awards a Diploma! While I am talking an entire spectrum of GJ industry & trade to be brought under the umbrella of GJ University!

That should offer all Certificate course, diploma, graduation, post graduation study and even a PhD in diamond as well as in jewellery manufacturing & also include every aspect of the industry & trade! Say the University should offer each & every aspect of gem-n-jewellery, say from rough to retail.

I think this is the high time to gather honey, start gathering experts and ink down proper industry & trade centric syllabus and catch those Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis who dare the GJ industry & trade to set up GJ University! I do remember he said, “My offer stands to establish GJ University! The government is supporting from their part” at the occasion of the foundation stone laying ceremony of India Jewellery Park (IJP), Mumbai-a mega initiative by the Government to take India’s jewellery manufacturing and trade to a new level.

In his key note delivery he also said that State has done all those procedure of land allotment for IJP in a record break time! He further offered a Single-Window to materialise IJP swiftly!

Bottom Line:

In the year 2003, HZ had inked, ‘In India; we have more religious places than hospital & schools!’ There was a generic appeal to focus on Social health & education. No doubt, as of today we have proved, our GJ fraternity has proved that they are also keen on Social health & education! They have attained many notable milestones over the years!

Yet, this is the huge work to think & grow a world class University for GJ Industry & trade by accommodating skills too!