From The Desk of Rajesh Bajaj

BDW : Good endeavour to keep up buyer trust in Diamond!

This is at the occasion of Bharat Diamond Week (BDW) 2nd of its’ edition & it is about to go flying start. The BDW would have commenced its’ business activities while you would read this ink! Yes BDW to run from October 08 & up to 10.

De facto the whole of the initiative of BDW is the first of its kind in expo to focus small-n-medium players who could not join any global gem-n-jewellery exhibitions; even some of the players could not even manage a stall at the IIJS India Show.

No doubt, while one is entering BDB & buying any piece of polished diamond, by default-what we use in computer language, that should be a natural diamond only! This is the key confidence amid buyer-n-seller at the BDW!

Because long back, BDB had shown a zero tolerance for laboratory made stones & undisclosed mixing of any such stones with natural diamonds! This is the real reason, buyer trust is the real secret of BDW success and it is slated twice in a year!

According to the previous announcement, BDW would be extended now to New York is scheduled to be held during the October 29 to 31. I think this is a good sign and further the horizon looks open around the globe to move with utmost buyer trust treasury!

Right with the BDW, BDB would spark whole of the month with vivid activities & schedules! If I cite President-BDB, Anoop Mehta, “Following the Bharat Diamond Week, we will be holding a meeting of the World Diamond Council on October 22 which is being organised by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), and then we are hosting the World Diamond Congress from October 23 to 25.

We are delighted to be able to hold the meetings here because it is critical that the global diamond industry meets every year to discuss the major issues affecting it. We will also be holding a Bharat Diamond Week in New York from October 29 to 31.”

This is good endeavour to keep up buyer trust in diamond!