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In a way of EoDB

At least during the last 20 years many trade journalists have inked about hassle free business. And de facto, doing business had become a tougher because of two: 1: complex law & implementations & 2: corruption! Since 1966, day by day law keep on adding more complex scenario and build up a highway of corruption. Say over all in Maharashtra there were about 70 NoC, Permits & licenses! Numbers of such bunch was obligatory to get renewed time to time else ongoing trade & industry could be an illegal!

These created ill practices amid industry & trade fraternity. Numbers of middlemen get activated and by end of the day, politicians may call traders or industrialist a thief in public! And in those days, nobody was speaking about EoDB. Entrepreneur was asking who the middle man to get rid of is!

Pre Modi Era industry & commerce were asking hassle free business yet there was no significant improvement! Even I do remember, then CM-Maharashtra, Prithviraj Chavan. He had attended the Luxury Seminar in the year of 2013 in Mumbai and allowed questions after his speech. And the first & only question was, while you are asking industry to bring more investment in Maharashtra, why you are not going for a Single Window?

He endeavoured much, attempted at least for 15 minutes in reply yet neither could he justify nor audience satisfied & he left the dome without attempting another question! (You see, the Maharashtra Assembly was on & it was important to remain in the House!).

Right with the Modi Era, EoDB (Ease of Doing Business) has become a genuine approach. Recently the DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) proposed as a part of State Reforms. And that said States & Union Territories (UTs) have to adopt a Single Window System across various Departments!

The real Single Window System means, to allow online submission of application without the need to submit physical copies of the application. Further, DPIIT says, to eliminate personal attendance for document submission and verification and to allow applicant to track status of application online! These attempts are to halt corruption too along with the EoDB.

Equally, the related & UTs have to adopt a practice to ensure the applicant receives an SMS or e-mail notification as and when the application is submitted and or query is raised and or application is approved or rejected. This looks a part of official procedures yet, this is enough to bring transparency & also a trekking the Official Department or the related Official.

Because, Single Window System also cap a time limit and adequate disposal of business proposal not only this but also the Department or the related Official comes under the scanner of queries or clarifications related to investors' application! De facto DPIIT says, any such application must reach to its’ disposal by the seventh day of receipt.

Because of the online application and approval, entrepreneur has to stay away with number of departments and because of time limit Official has to conclude the application with appropriate approach & reasonable reasons to avoid queries from applicant investors. In general it is being noted that any Official avoids to ink! Avoids replying in writing especially when he is not true enough.

Let’s see the recent example of India Jewellery Park (IJP), a landmark mega-project for gem-n-jewellery trade. Recently in the month of March the foundation stone for IJP had been laid in the presence of CM-Maharashtra, Union Minister of Commerce Industry & Civil Aviation, related politicians & officials amid gem-n-jewellery fraternity.

De facto, gem-n-jewellery industry & trade is focussing the project that entails an investment of nearly Rs 14,500 crore because the Park could be a place that can generate an employment for one lakh skill-n-artisans and from trade point of view that may witness a business turnover over Rs 40K Crores.

Because of all these reasons and equally the ongoing Maharashtra government eye to be a Rs 1 Trillion economy, they said: “the state government has given top priority to finalising the Jewellery Park project at the earliest and would consider the industry’s request to create a single window system for facilitating all permissions and completing all procedures by individual units.”

Now this is the high time for Maharashtra and for all those States & UTs to adopt a Single Window System! According to the DPIIT, “Under the assessment exercise of States or UTs for the year 2017-18, 21 States or UTs have designed and implemented online Single Window System.

Bottom Line:

I think the Single Window System also would be a great step in the way of EoDB to ensure hassle free business!