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October 26, 2020

NDC held First Ever Digital Season with LFW!

The National Diamond Council (NDC) continues its association with India’s premier fashion platform, Lakmé Fashion Week (NFW), to support its first ever digital-first season-fluid edition that ran through October 20 to 25, 2020 with the NDC aims to strengthen its offers through the third season of its partnership with Lakmé Fashion Week.

NDC’s digital platform aimed the go-to digital publisher for innovative content, covering all that’s new and exciting in the industry positioning natural diamonds as aspirational and a luxury, making them perfect for celebrating life’s real moments and bonds. With that in mind, NDC supported Lakmé Fashion Week and shared exciting content from the world of luxury and fashion for its consumers. It unravels the unique place and love for diamonds by the fashion world through the lens of stylists, models and other talent of the industry.

Richa Singh, Managing Director-India, Natural Diamond Council, said: “in the spirit of making natural diamonds an integral part of the luxury fashion segment, NDC partners with yet another season of the Lakmé Fashion Week to build content which showcases their versatility to be paired with all outfits Indian or western. We take this opportunity to share that natural diamonds are perfect heirlooms to celebrate life’s precious moments and they epitomise slow fashion.”

The new digital platform focuses on inspiring and educating consumers globally about the values and heritage of natural diamonds as well as promoting their desirability. Through the festive season, NDC will bring together a host of educational content on their website to mark the various occasions.

This will mark the celebrations and increase transparency in the dissemination of information among the trade community. The website offers insightful coverage under six key pillars connecting the natural diamond world - ‘Epic Diamonds’, ‘Hollywood & Pop Culture’, ‘Love & Diamonds,’ ‘Style & Innovation,’ ‘Diamonds 101’ and ‘Inside the Diamond World.’ 

On the other hand the newly introduced trade portal, enabled retailers to be well informed and equipped about their business in an ever dynamic working environment. The NDC ambassadors get a purview to a host of assets and information as well as a platform to showcase their designs and brilliance.

The platform connects retailers with designers pan India and brings them a step closer to consumers. In this way, NDC creates bonds within the trade community and builds on making the retailer’s hub, a great focus on showcasing various jewellery designs of diamond jewellery.


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