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October 11, 2021

Alrosa Sees Steady Demand For Large Rough Diamonds

In September, Alrosa evaluated the results for three auctions of large rough diamonds (weighing 10.8 carats and more), held in the world’s major diamond trading centres. In August and September, auctions were held in Antwerp, Dubai and Ramat Gan. As a result, 80 highest bidding companies, including companies from Belgium, Israel, India and UAE, purchased 349 lots weighing over 6,000 carats for $37.8 million (averaging approximately $6,300/carat).

Evgeny Agureev, Deputy CEO of Alrosa, said: “August is traditionally considered a relatively quiet period. However, this year we saw a consistent demand for rough diamonds of high quality and price. At a time when international travel remains limited, there was strong interest in all three international auctions. Together, they attracted more than 300 registered participants. In the second half of September, we also launched an online auction in response to the market’s demands. It has a new expanded format, with lots’ descriptions supplemented by expert evaluations and additional photos and videos. This auction, running until 13th October, enables clients to analyse and select diamonds completely remotely.”


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