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August 10, 2022

Core 3.5 LGD Consumer Segments

MVI Marketing LLC (The MVEye), the leader in market research for the global gem, jewelry and watch industries, announced the release of its latest report entitled The MVEye’s Core 3.5 lab-grown diamond (LGD) Consumer Segments.

“We’ve been researching the consumer and trade lab-grown diamond markets since 2004. This report presents the core 3.5 consumer segments that our research has consistently pointed to as driving the explosive global growth of LGDs,” said Marty Hurwitz, CEO and co-founder of The MVEye. “We have defined the opportunities, strategies and closing percentages successful jewelry retailers are achieving when selling LGDs to each of these consumer segments.”

Key findings revealed in the report include,

1: The five-year growth plan of consumer demographics shows a long runway of sales and profit opportunities with the Core 3.5 LGD consumer segments.

2: Ironically, these consumers are not all about the digital shopping experience. They are also very interested in custom designed jewelry and concierge experiences, in store, in social and on ecommerce sites…and they are willing to pay for it.

3: These consumer segments don’t buy products from stores, they buy from brands. The brands with the most opportunity to sell these consumers are those that share their values and offer them the ability to purchase seamlessly via any platform- when and where they want it.

4: The full report identifies each of the 3.5 consumer segments of the jewelry market that are currently purchasing, currently self-educating and likely future purchasers.

5: The complete study report is now available on The MVEye website. Subscribers to The MVI LGD Market Intel Report receive this report at no cost.


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