News Bureau

June 21, 2018

$2.5mn exploration program at Klondike

Klondike Gold is accelerating district scale exploration designed to outline new target areas by concurrently completing full geophysical surveying, structural and lithologic mapping, and soil geochemical coverage of the Klondike District property during this 2018 season. 

This comprehensive multi-disciplinary surveying, the first ever undertaken across the Klondike District, is already yielding new insights that can provide faster and more efficient exploration of known targets, and in addition can screen for new target areas in the majority of the district which has not been explored.

This work is performed in association with Leeds University, UK Department of Earth and Environment providing a post-graduate team to compliment the SRK mapping effort.  Klondike Gold has maintained a research relationship with Leeds for many years, exemplified recently by completion of PhD on the relationship of placer gold to bedrock gold mineralization at the Lone Star Zone.

According to the planned 2018 work summary, the Company plans a minimum $2,500,000 exploration program for 2018 including plans for: 5,000 to 7,000 meters of drilling between multiple targets; 3,000 to 5,000 new soils, 4,000 line kilometers of airborne magnetics, radiometric, and VLF-EM surveying, detailed structural and lithologic mapping and prospecting across the entire district for the first time, and contingency for 2018 follow-up on any new targets generated.